• Art, Recycled Art and Metalwork
  • Basketry
  • Ceramics and Traditional Pottery
  • Instruments and Traditional Artifacts
  • Jewellery and Glass
  • Paper and Recycled Paper Products
  • Stone Work
  • Textiles, Knitting, Weaving and Crotchet
  • Wirework and Beaded Wirework
  • Wood Carving




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We have made a commitment to build a network of Zimbabwean artisans and handmade traders, and provide a platform to connect each locally, regionally and across the globe. Through this online network, we will inspire, inform and connect designers, producers, traders and policy makers to build a vibrant, responsible and gainful craft industry in Zimbabwe.

We will do this in a variety of ways:
1. We will promote craft makers and businesses by showcasing them through our online directory
2. We will build an outstanding collection of the best craft, from a community of talented producers, a range of exciting products, curated in our gallery.
3.We will feature rising stars in the craft sector, breaking new ground and raising the standards of design and utility. 4. We will help connect producers and buyers, promoting trade and a local circular economy.
5. We’ll use the facility of our online gallery shop to broker trade, facilitate payments, offer packaging and shipping to anywhere in the world.
6. We will collaborate with institutions who have a similar passion for the sector to host exhibitions across the region and publicise the craft events calendar for all.
7. We will collect inspiring stories of handcraft and artisans from across the continent, motivating and informing our community.
8. We’ll encourage and advocate for responsible business and supportive policies in which our artisan communities are valued, respected and supported with an enabling environment that renews and enhances their heritage for contemporary relevance and self-worth.
Our online community will use this interactive platform to share best practice, tackle challenges and forge purposeful relationships for collaboration.

“Handmade makes a difference”

Directory – meet the makers and designers

You can view the Directory of Craftspeople where you can search for registered makers (who have opted to be listed in this craft directory) by name, Province, product and discipline as well as samples of their work. We have a database, carefully compiled and updated that:

• Introduces you to our makers and designers and how to connect with them
•Tables products, disciplines and locations
• Opens a gateway to specific studio experiences and stories
• A portal for joining the database as a producer, or buyer, retailer or exhibitionist.

The gallery shop – discover great Zimbabwean craft and design

Zimbabwe Crafts is dedicated to promoting the diversity and quality of Zimbabwean design and handcraft. Meet some of Zimbabwe’s most talented designers and makers to learn more about their discipline, feel inspired by their work and buy their products. Our gallery shop offers products through three ‘windows’:

• Featured designers and makers – talent on the rise
• Curators Choice – what makes us really proud
• Our complete collection – the jewels we’ve assembled over the years
• A shopping basket and payment platform
• A shipping and sterilisation service

Create your own journey

• Meet artisans in their location
• Visit retail outlet and galleries
• Share your story/experience - Experiences